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Sunday Morning Bible Study

Current Studies

Courageous Fathers of the Bible

Courageous Fathers of the Bible will be offered on Sunday morning geared especially for men, but ladies are welcome to join as well. This is a series of reflections from the lives of 12 real men we meet in God's word. This study will seek to present a picture, with clarity and wit, of the work of Christian fatherhood, taking special note of the challenges and victories these men of Scripture faced as they relied on God's grace. Just bring yourself and your Bible and join us!

This study begins Sunday Jan. 8 and is led by Pastor Witte in the gym.

Bad Girls of the Bible

Bad for a Moment or Bad to the Bone, the Bible study using the book Bad Girls of the Bible and What We Can Learn from Them will be offered on Sunday mornings as we ladies can learn more about "bad" women in the Bible. Liz Curtis Higgs takes on a journey to meet women of the Bible and how our lives intertwine with how they acted and how we behave now. Purchasing the book Bad Girls of the Bible is advised as one will need to read the chapter for each Sunday. Tell Chris Schultz if you wish to have her purchase one from

This study begins Sunday Jan. 8, and is led by Chris Schultz in the classroom.

Adult Information Class

This is our standard new member and basic Christian doctrine class. But don't rule it out just because you think you've done this before or you're not so "new" anymore. This is an incredible class for discussion and fellowship with your fellow Christians. It explores the very basics of our faith which are truths that the world tries so desperately to confuse in our post-modern society.

This study is currently underway and expected to continue into January and February. It is being led by Pastor Schultz.

Upcoming Studies

Recent Studies

The Real Living Nativity (12/18/11)

Pastor Witte shared with everyone the real Biblical witness about the events surrounding Jesus' nativity. The group explored such questions as "where did Mary and Joseph actually stay in Bethlehem?" and "when did the magi really arrive?". The purpose was not to destroy our many Christmas traditions but to see the clear witness of God's Word around these events to enhance our understanding of Jesus' Birth.

James: Apostle of Works or Faith? (9/11 - 12/11/11)

Pastor Witte led this study through the book of James. In the beginning we learned more about who James was and what context he was writing to us from. Along the way we took note of the many topics for Christian Life James liked to touch upon. We focused especially on what James had to say about works and faith in the Christian life.

The Power of a Praying Parent (9/11 - 12/11/11)

This study went through the book, "The Power of a Praying Parent" by Stormie Omartian. All parents were especially invited to attend this relevant study to join in the discussion.

Debunking the Article: "4 Reasons Not to Take the Bible Literally" (9/4/11)

Pastor Witte shared with the group an article published by the Huffington Post with the title mentioned above (Read it for yourself here: This study was an exercise is debunking public articles and defending the Christian faith. It is important that we as Christians keep our skills sharpened and our wits about us as the world and those against Christ and His Word attempt to lead us astray. This study challenged the claims made by the author and gave a Scriptural witness to the truths of God's Word and gave us new ways to answer challenges like this.

The Bible on Trial: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (8/7 - 8/28/11)

"The world’s most widely circulated book is also one of its most highly debated. Check out how the Bible has withstood intense scrutiny from critics and cynics alike in The Bible on Trial: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. You’ll come away with a fresh application of the Bible as an historical document and the Word of God."

This study began July 31 and is planned to run through the month of August. Please plan to join us for engaging discussion and be a part of the jury to learn for yourself about how reliable the Bible is for us.